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  • Devices, IOT, Software, and Analytics

    Devices, IOT, Software, and Analytics


Enterprise cloud-based software delivered as a SaaS solution developed from the ground up. The Moblty Software Platform delivers screen management, content management, mobile device management and an analytics suite in one package. Moblty’s cloud-based solution offers you security, flexibility, extensibility and scalability.


Moblty is uniquely designed to gather real-time data about consumer interactions and engagement. The Moblty Platform provides you the intelligence you need to adapt to rapidly changing consumer journeys. It provides you the intel and analytics experience that can be enhanced with our capability of integrating easily with external and internal systems to gain valuable retail information.


Moblty delivers a unique cellular network-based approach to digitizing your brick and mortar locations. Our approach eliminates the need for expensive complex IT projects that limit your ability to be competitive. With our digital network architecture, you can deploy content faster, optimize your marketing campaigns, while reducing cost over traditional in-store signage. Our hardware agnostic solution creates a global network that can be maintained on a corporate, regional, county and local basis from a single Moblty Enterprise Instance and monitored remotely.

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