Creating a salon with

Personalized Experiences

Advertise, promote and consult with a variety of branding and interactive screens to create an engaging salon experience, unlike the rest.



Moblty products will enhance the emotion of the salon with digital tools that bring excitement to the ordinary, vibrancy to the dull, and life to the inanimate.

Branding Screen

Elevate the screens in your salon and bring them to life with the latest content from your suppliers, enhanced with your own local promotions and events controlled through one central website.

Interactive Screen

Educate your customers while browsing with an interactive screen.  It can push information to phone or email and is easily configurable to support your Instagram, coupons or even barcode scanning.

Window Screen

The windows of your salon are premium space to advertise your salon, bring in new clientele, to run promotions or advertise an event. Start the customers experience from the moment they walk up to the salon.

Digital Mirror

The essential way to stand apart from the rest. The digital mirror is uniquely able to change the entire environment of the salon. Put it at a styling station or in the retail area it is sure to make a buzz.

Consultative tablet

Mounted to a station or free-floating, a tablet loaded with the latest app for styling is the ideal way to offer your clientele that personalized experience and comfort trying new styles and colors.

Selfie Station Kiosk

With our digital selfie station kiosk, you can capture the moment that your client is shining and share it with the world.  You can be flexible and creative with the filters tailored to your salon with plug and play ease.