Who We Are
We’re an advertising start-up that’s leveraging the latest in technology and big data to challenge the conventional rules of advertising by proving return on investment (ROI).
What We Do
We help brands and businesses of all sizes reach customers in a cost effective and measurable way.
How We Do It

We place advertising on Moblty tablets in targeted physical locations around cities and towns with high foot traffic such as restaurants, taxis, gyms, hotels, residential and commercial buildings etc.

Customers interact with Moblty by clicking an advertisement and redeeming an offer, or other additional content, which is sent via SMS to their mobile phone.

Moblty stores and analyzes all tablet activity to provide advertisers the analytics that show how well customers are responding to their offers. This insight, along with the ability to remotely adjust offers in real time, empowers advertisers with the tools to ensure that their offers are relevant.


Become a Host
Get Interactive, Become a host

We are growing throughout the US, adding Moblty tablets daily. We are focusing on thoughtfully targeted locations including restaurants, taxis, gyms, hotels, residential & commercial buildings. Becoming a host location is easy and costs you nothing and we work with you to place the tablet at the optimum location in your business. Being a host will benefit your business, your customers and your surrounding community.

Leverage the latest Technology

A state of the art Moblty tablet in your premises will demonstrate that your business is progressive and uses technology to interact with customers. By way of thank you, we offer hosts advertising credit on Moblty tablets, empowering you to reach more customers, completely free of charge.

Neighborhood Business

Support other nearby businesses by advertising relevant offers and in doing so you’ll be helping grow a strong, sustainable neighborhood economy.

Your Customers

Customer experience is everything. Moblty tablets are non-intrusive, focusing on preserving your existing customer experience while enhancing the experience for customers who redeem offers.

Advertise with Moblty

Modern marketing has become more interactive and above all, personal. With Moblty you can gain exposure and market your brand in and around your neighborhood through a revolutionary targeted advertising channel. We are growing fast and we want to help you grow as well.


Media Features
  • You can push your incentive offer instantly to any number of tablets that are installed in high traffic establishments around the city.
  • Customers redeem your offer by selecting it on the tablet and having it sent directly to their mobile device.
  • Advertisers can update offers across the network either by scheduling changes or in real time.
  • Work with facts, not speculation. Determine the effectiveness of your offer by tracking distribution.
  • Soft-launch on May 15, 2013 with over 1,000,000 impressions per month across New York, New Jersey, Arizona and Colorado.